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Blazers gauge Detroit’s interest in Juan Dixon

More trade scuttlebutt in today's Detroit News. From Chris McCosky:

Q. Anything happening on the trade front?

A. Not as far as the Pistons are concerned, anyway. Joe Dumars told me that most teams are biding their time, waiting to get closer to the Feb. 22 trade deadline.

I don't think the goal has changed. I think the Pistons are still trying to move Nazr Mohammed and Flip Murray. I think they would like to get a veteran point guard or combo guard. But, for sure, there is no urgency on Dumars' part. He is not desperate to do anything.

Q. What about reports linking the Pistons to Portland's Juan Dixon?

A. I think that's the type of player the Pistons would be interested in, but not him specifically. The Pistons never discussed him, internally or externally, until the report surfaced. It was subsequent to that that the Blazers made a call to Dumars.

The Pistons like Dixon as a player, but they aren't making any deal for him.

What I get a kick out of is that "the reports linking the Pistons to Portland's Juan Dixon" which prompted the Blazers to make a call almost certainly refers to our interview with Free Press beat reporter Krista Jahnke, which was picked up by some other prominent NBA sites. I love the internet.

I'm curious why McCosky dismisses interest in Dixon, though. It can't be Dixon's contract -- he's got just one year left after this at a modest $2.9 million. Is it because Portland won't bite at what we have to offer? I'm sure McCosky has his reasons, I just wish he explained them.

McCosky goes on to say that Pau Gasol will likely be the first domino to fall before the rest of the league starts wheelin' and dealin'. I agree -- the Bulls are most prominently linked to Gasol, but there are several other teams allegedly interested (Boston, Portland, maybe New Jersey, to name a few), and until everyone is convinced they can't land the big prize they likely won't start moving any lesser assets in a smaller deal. That said, I do expect at least a few potentially significant trades to go down when the deadline approaches. But whether the Pistons are involved in any remains to be seen.

Deals might get rolling after break [Detroit News]
Talking to Detroit Free Press beat reporter Krista Jahnke