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Even Rasheed couldn’t watch the Clippers game

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Turns out you and I weren't the only people frustrated the Pistons-Clippers game wasn't broadcast live: Rasheed Wallace, who wasn't allowed in the arena due to his suspension, couldn't watch the game, either:

Pistons forward Rasheed Wallace spent Sunday afternoon staring at the changing numbers on his cell phone screen.

He was watching the Pistons play the Los Angeles Clippers via text message and Internet updates. The game wasn't televised, so Wallace -- suspended for picking up his 16th technical foul of the season -- had no other way to know what was going on at Staples Center.

"I'm mad they didn't show the game on TV," Wallace said. "I was on the computer on my phone going back and forth, what quarter, and what's the score, this and that."

My first thought is ... why not listen on the radio? And if he couldn't get the AM broadcast, you're telling me Rip Hamilton has 10 iPods but there's not a single guy on the team with one of those personal satellite radios they could lend Rasheed?

My second thought is, wow, what a dumb rule the NBA has not even allowing players in the building. Where did Rasheed go? Circle the city on the team bus? Hang out at the airport? Ask for a late checkout at the hotel?

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