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Seattle’s secret weapon is … cake?

DBB reader James is sitting 18 rows above center court for tonight's Pistons-Sonics contest looking Need4Sheed-ish in his Sheedtastic t-shirt -- here's to hoping he stays on Squatch's (non-cake) good side.

If you remember, the first time Detroit played the Sonics this year we saw the debut of the Bruise Brothers: Dale Davis and Jason Maxiell manhandled Seattle's undersized front line with a combined 25 rebounds, including 16 offensive boards. Sonics coach Bob Hill was so impressed he gave Maxiell a couple of inches and 20 pounds during a post-game interview. The last time the Pistons played in Key Arena, Rip Hamilton nailed a game-winning jumper as time expired.

Ball tips at 10 pm on TV 20, as usual, leave your thoughts in the comments.