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Pistons fans in Portland

DBB reader Q-Dog had tickets to the Pistons-Blazers tilt at the Rose Garden last night and sends the following message:

Good game for the boys in blue! I got there early and for my efforts was rewarded with a Raef LaFrentz bobblehead, good times. Some of the photos are a bit blurry, I didn't have the sweetest seats in the house. There WERE a ton of Pistons fans in the Garden tonight, more than I have ever noticed in the past. (I haven't missed a Piston game in Portland since '89) I also pimped the site to everyone I took photos of and was selected to do a halftime win money deal, until they saw the Piston lid. Oh well, I had fun.

I'm curious, did the Raef Lafrentz bobblehead come complete with a broken leg? In any case, a few of Q-Dog's pics are below, and the rest can be seen in the Detroit Bad Boys pool on Flickr. Thanks for sending these in, Q!

Pistons v. Blazers 2007 025 Pistons v. Blazers 2007 033

Pistons v. Blazers 2007 031

Pistons v. Blazers 2007 020

Pistons v. Blazers 2007 030

Check out the rest of the pictures in the DBB pool on Flickr.