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Does Carlos Delfino have a future in the squared circle?

Killer Tim BrooksWhy was Carlos Delfino wearing an elbow sleeve against the Trailblazers on Wednesday? I like DBB reader LanierFan's explanation (I added links for the non-wrestling fans):

Maybe it’s a "loaded" elbow sleeve of the Killer Brooks/Iron Mike Sharpe variety. When the ref looks the other way, BAM! Siesta time for some poor slob. Sheed can be the heel manager, creating distractions as needed.

Sadly, though, the real reason is apparently less dramatic. From Chris McCosky:

Carlos Delfino wore a protective sleeve on his left arm in the second half Wednesday and had his arm in a mini-sling for the flight to Phoenix. Both were precautionary and comfort measures. He is not expected to miss any time.

I noticed the sleeve but didn't realize that he only wore it in the second half -- perhaps he fell or hyperextended it during his nine and a half minutes of action before halftime. In any case, it couldn't have been too serious considering he played the entire fourth.