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To Flip Murray: Thank you, and I’m sorry

All I have time for in terms of a recap is this: "OMG, WTF just happened?!?" Since you didn't come here looking for that, I'm going to point you in the direction of some people with more intelligent things to say:

Need 4 Sheed: Pistons stay hot in Phoenix to burn the Suns 105-83
Detroit Free Press: Murray shines as Pistons beat Suns, 105-83
Detroit News: Pistons complete perfect trip

I've read them all, but my favorite was from DBB reader Tim from the game thread comments in the preview post below:

They told us there would be three signs:

1. We would beat the phoenix suns and go 5-0 on the road trip
2. We would beat them by 22 points and hold them under 85
3. Flip Murray would score like crazy AND PLAY DEFENSE!

The apocalypse is upon us!

I temporarily take back all the horrible things I’ve said over the past couple of months in regards to Flip Murray’s game. He played out of his mind.

I’ve enjoyed these last five games of the season sooo much. It’s not just because we have won, but the way we’ve won that has been so great.

Inside out basketball. Careful execution. We have transformed from a jump shot team to a low post team…. I love it! It allows us to set our defense and really shut people down. Somewhere LB is smiling.

Flip was great tonight but how well has CWebb played? It’s time to give in and label it the Rasheed type acquisition that it is. These playoffs are going to be fun.

Good God was that an awesome game.

I'm more than a little worried about Chauncey Billups with the Mavericks coming to town on Sunday (though don't forget, Detroit won handedly in Dallas earlier in the year), but let's just let this Phoenix game soak in a little bit before we get ahead of ourselves.

Pistons 105, Suns 83 box score []