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Pistons take on the Avery Bunch

Tough call picking a video today -- I almost went with Deep in the Heart of Mavs Fans or Diop Diop, but I couldn't resist the Avery Bunch.

The big question heading into this afternoon's game will be Chauncey Billups' availability, and the latest I've heard is that he's day-to-day, so this may end up being a game-time decision. But even if it costs Detroit this game, I won't complain if the team errs on the side of caution -- groin injuries can linger, especially when they're aggravated by trying to return too quickly.

But, Chauncey's injury aside, I can see why the national media likes this game. ESPN is touting this game as a potential NBA Finals preview, dedicating their entire Daily Dime today to these two teams.

Ball tips at 3:30 on ABC -- as usual, leave any thoughts in the comments.