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On Chris Webber’s health and Arnie Kander’s magic

Just how much did beating Philly mean to C-Webb? Um, not a whole hell of a lot:

"I could care less about this game," he said. "Really . . . I'm telling the truth. When I played against Golden State, Washington, Sacramento [his other former teams], those were big games. This, I'm just happy right now. I appreciate being in Philly, because it got me here."

Today at the FanHouse, I talked about Webber's resurgence with the Pistons, and in particular, how miracle man Arnie Kander deserves a pat on the back. While looking for the New York Times article I referenced, I stumbled across this question posed by a Pistons fan over at the Worldcrossings forum:

They put sportswriters in the hall of fame, so why not a guy like Arnie Kandor, who makes more difference to the Pistons than any writer?

He might be the most unique therapist on any team in any sport.

Already, he seems to be working his magic on Chris Webber.

If the HOF doesn't admit medical support staff yet (and I believe they don't), perhaps they should. What do you guys think?