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Rockets drop their payload on Pistons

I wasn't able to watch last night's game, but in hindsight I'm not altogether unhappy about it. I solicited a recap from the DBB readers in the game preview comments and JackDutch summed it up thusly:

jerkoff basketball team waits 3 quarters to decide that now might be a good time to play like a good basketball team. then yao swats another shot. the end.

and it wasn’t even that good.

Alright, then, it was one of those nights. Guess I won't get too torn up about forgetting to set the DVR. If you're looking for something longer, check out Need4Sheed, or the local papers. With Cleveland dropping two earlier this week, losing didn't really hurt Detroit in the standings -- let's just hope they can get back on track against San Antonio tonight with another one of those "statement" games everyone likes to see.

Rockets 91, Pistons 85 box score [ESPN]