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Pistons still missing C-Webb and Rip

Ugh. From Krista Jahnke's blog:

But at shoot-around this morning, Pistons coach Flip Saunders informed us that Chris Webber was on his way back to Detroit. He is too sick to play, and the team figured there was no point in making him sit, sick and miserable, in a hotel room when he could get home and go to the doctor.

Also, Richard Hamilton did not even make the trip. So both starters are out again, and Ronald (Flip) Murray and Jason Maxiell will be in the starting lineup once again.

For what it's worth, Dale Davis is with the team and should play despite being ill earlier in the week. I certainly didn't want the Pistons to be this shorthanded heading into tonight's game against the Bulls, but in hindsight this could be kind of cool with the student Maxiell guaranteed all sorts of minutes against the mentor Ben Wallace. Big Ben will likely win the battle of the boards, but there's also a good chance that he'll end up getting posterized by a dunking Baby Eater.

As for the actual game, though, I'm less enthralled. What do you think -- does this change things tonight? Should Detroit be worried?