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Blogfest Details for Sunday

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With the eagerly-anticipated First Annual Need4Sheed/Detroit Bad Boys Blogfest happening this Sunday, I wanted to offer up a few details. Don't be intimidated by the intentionally geeky name of this affair, this is just a casual meet-and-greet so Natalie, Ian and I can hang out and finally meet face to face some of our readers.

The game starts at 1pm, so the plan is to meet up with any of you who have tickets between 11:30am and tip-off in the Comcast Pavilion area by the North Entrance. You really can't miss it -- it's where the new Buffalo Wild Wings, Big Boys and Red Bull Bar are all located, and there's a great big collection of tables and chairs there that we'll be able to hang out at and mingle. There are more details after the jump:

I don't think you'll have a hard time spotting us -- I'm six-foot-six and will probably be the only one there sporting a Buddha t-shirt. I'm up for hanging out some more at the Red Bull Bar after the game, too. They seem to stay open for a bit after games, and if nothing else, we'll have fun watching Ian double-fist Jager bombs on a Sunday afternoon.

We wanted to do something special for you guys, so we're going to be giving away a few of our T-shirts and a pretty sweet 11-disc set of DVDs celebrating the Pistons' first NBA title. We figured the best way to give these away would be a random drawing, but we were at a loss trying to figure out a way to make sure only actual readers entered instead of just someone passing by. So here's what we're going to do: click here to open this PDF file, print that baby out and bring it to us to enter the contest. Seems simple enough, right? I hope so. Maybe next year (when we get over 300 readers at a game) we'll have a better system.

I'm going to keep this post up at the top for the next few days so that anyone planning on going to the game will see it -- and hopefully I'm talking about you.