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Chauncey Billups flirts with the Memphis media

Don't think for a minute that Chauncey Billups plans on giving Detroit any kind of "hometown discount" this summer. If that were on his agenda, he wouldn't be making comments like this to a Memphis newspaper about the freaking Memphis Grizzlies:

"I would be lying if I said with 20-something games left until the playoffs that I wasn't thinking about my future," Billups said. "When the time comes, I've got to consider all of my options. I know this is one team with a lot of money that's looking to get a point guard. I'm going to have to consider this option when the time comes. But right now, my focus is trying to win a championship with my team." ...

"They have a lot of good young talent," Billups said. "They're a couple of players away from being really, really good. The season started out really rough for them and then Gasol came back, and they've been playing well. They're a lot better than their record."

Memphis' record, by the way, is 15-46, two games worse than the Boston Celtics, but he is actually correct in that they're not that far away considering they were a playoff team last year and will be adding a lottery pick this summer.

Do I think Chauncey will sign with the Grizzlies? Not really, but that's only because I doubt the Grizzlies will really pursue him as hard as some other teams will. Chauncey will be 31 years old when he hits the market, and this is his last chance for a big money contract -- I don't have a single doubt that he's going to end up signing with whatever team offers him the most money.

It's probably a non-issue since Joe Dumars has essentially said that team will be the Detroit Pistons, but don't be surprised when he continues to get friendly with the out-of-town press whenever the Pistons play a team with ample cap room, such as the Bucks, Magic and Grizzlies.

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