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So that’s who Monta Ellis is…

Before the Pistons played the Warriors earlier in the year (a disaster of a game, by the way), I made an off-hand comment about not knowing who the hell Monta Ellis was. Silly me. Those are his highlights from the Rookie-Sophomore Game from All-Star weekend. Yes, those are all from one game.

The Warriors have lost six in a row but they can put the ball through the hoop -- hopefully Detroit can snap out of their offensive funk. They'll need to do it without Rasheed Wallace, though; Krista Jahnke just reported on her blog that Sheed is sitting one more game, but is listed as probable for Cleveland on Wednesday.

For an opposing view on the game, check out Golden State of Mind. They know their stuff, even if some of their readers are predicting another Warriors victory.

Ball tips at 7:30 on FSN. As usual, leave your thoughts on the game in the comments.