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Blame it on Jamie Foxx

Erin Podolsky, DBB reader and world renowned (ok, Detroit renowned) entertainment writer, has a good theory about Lindsey Hunter's positive test:

i’m feeling very disturbed right about now. because this is about the last person i would expect this from. lindsey hunter. good guy? good grief.

but then there’s this: i can’t imagine anybody taking this kind of crap on purpose because it’s got to be pretty risky, pretty easy to get caught. so maybe it was unintentional. but then, who takes a pill by accident? was it mixed in with his morning vitamins? his arnie kander cocktail?

or maybe this: jamie foxx rufed him. please note that that afterparty was also after the memphis game. cb and lh had to hoof it down there after roundball two touched down in pontiac. i’m sure their wives were ecstatic.

which brings me to…

his wife did it! as punishment! for stepping out! yeah! i’m hanging my private eye shingle out this very moment.