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Pistons in Toronto for Amir Johnson Show

OK, "Amir Johnson Show" might be overly optimistic, but it certainly seems like he's going to play a lot. Chauncey Billups is out as a precaution, and Flip Saunders apparently considered starting Tayshaun Prince at point and Johnson at small forward -- from A. Sherrod Blakely's pre-game blog:

Saunders said the reason to sit Chauncey had to do with his right thigh bruise, which is still somewhat tight.

"He's a little bit tight. He could probably play, but there's no reason to take any chances on that," Saunders said.

As for Davis, putting him on the inactive list was a way to activate Ronald Dupree who has been a solid practice player.

Saunders said Tayshaun Prince would probably start the game at the point, and he's considering having Amir Johnson start at the small forward spot. Flip's still got time to change his mind, but it seems that's the direction he's leaning.

It didn't happen -- the ball just tipped, Flip Murray's at point and Johnson on the bench -- but still, it's probably a sign that Saunders has been talking the young fella up. Leaving Dale Davis inactive not only opens up a spot for Dupree but also ensures there's one less big man in Johnson's way. Hope you're watching -- I'm excited. As usual, leave you thoughts in the comments.