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Flip Saunders: Rasheed’s conditioning not an issue

From the Detroit News:

Saunders isn't worried about Rasheed Wallace 's conditioning.

"The conditioning becomes a factor usually when guys get up into the 35, 36-minute mark," Saunders said. "That's where it really affects them. We're not going to put him in that situation, not even in the playoffs. With Antonio McDyess playing so well, there's no need to play 'Sheed that many minutes."

The goal, Saunders said, was to limit Wallace's minutes early in games to keep him fresh for the fourth quarter.

While this is definitely interesting, ordinarily it probably wouldn't deserve it's own post. But I figured it was worth drawing attention to considering we talked about Rasheed's conditioning earlier in the week. So, there you have it. I'm not sure I completely buy it -- this is assuming Antonio McDyess both stays healthy and consistently avoids foul trouble -- but at the very least, this is the plan.