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Joe Dumars is making promises

On the FanHouse yesterday, I wrote about how Joe Dumars promised he'd re-sign Chauncey Billups this summer. Well, keeping C-Bill isn't Dumars' only priority -- he's also confident that Antonio McDyess isn't going anywhere. From Chris McCosky in the Detroit News:

McDyess has a player option for next season that would pay him $6.37 million. It is doubtful he would leave that on the table to seek another deal. Even if he was thinking that way, Pistons president Joe Dumars isn't going to let it happen.

Here's what Dumars told me on Monday: "We have no intention of letting him leave here. I am just as committed to keeping Dyess here as I am keeping Chauncey (Billups)."

Andy Miller is the agent for both McDyess and Billups, which is convenient. Dumars said he would probably sit down with Miller to hammer out some kind of extension for McDyess this summer.

That answers that. I'm in favor of the move, but I hope that McDyess can find some middle ground between resting his knees and staying in shape over the summer so that he doesn't need a good half season to warm up.

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