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Game 2: Detroit and Orlando

The Magic may not be an easy team to dislike (there's not a single villain on the roster), but it seems Darko Milicic and Grant Hill are getting a bit chippy: Darko is unimpressed by the Palace faithful's attempts at booing, while Hill blames the team's training staff for derailing his career seven years ago.

What was the mood like in the Pistons' locker room before the game? Krista Jahnke tells us:

A few moments ago in the locker room, we reporters chatted with some of the players before they went out to warm-up. A slow R.Kelly song played on an iPod plugged into a big speaker.

Chauncey Billups let the song play for about two mintues until he called a veto. Apparenly the song was too slow for his pre-game tastes.

"We're going to start the game down 15 if we keep this up," he said as he changed to something more upbeat.

Jahnke also reports that Rip Hamilton is wearing a wrap on his left (non-shooting) wrist as a result of his hard fall in Game 1. Hopefully the change in pre-game music allows Detroit to get off to a hot start to Rip can avoid playing 40-plus minutes -- between Carlos Delfino and Flip Murray, the Pistons should be able to afford giving Rip some rest.

The ball just tipped on TV 20 and TNT -- leave your thoughts in the comments.