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OK, Lindsey Hunter likes The Cheesecake Factory, we get it

Does Lindsey Hunter have an endorsement deal with The Cheesecake Factory? Because he deserves one. Seems like every place I look today he's there talking about it. From

"There’s no Cheesecake Factory here, so that’s the biggest thing," Hunter said Wednesday by way of explaining his team’s success away from home before the Pistons hit the road for Thursday night’s Game 3 of their first-round playoff series with the Orlando Magic, who trail 2-0. "Go on the road and find a Cheesecake Factory and we’re comfortable."

From Detroit News:

Lindsey Hunter has a particular reason why he likes venturing out of Metro Detroit: The Cheesecake Factory.

Hunter is a huge fan of the chain restaurant, which has locations seemingly everywhere around the country but Metro Detroit.

Orlando has a Cheesecake Factory, and Hunter already has made plans on where he's dining on this trip.

"That's the biggest thing if we're on the road, I've got to find a Cheesecake Factory," Hunter said.

From the Detroit Free Press:

"We don't actually eat the cheesecake," Hunter said. "It's just the food -- and the strawberry lemonade."

But not all Pistons are into the joint.

"Oh, wow, I'm not a part of that," forward Tayshaun Prince said with a wide grin. "No, we do go out to eat together. We particularly try to not let Lindsey pick the place, because he will choose the Cheesecake Factory."

OK, we get it. He likes The Cheesecake Factory. And so does this guy, apparently: