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Lindsey Hunter may be retiring (and I’m getting old)

Lindsey HunterFrom

Looks like this will be Lindsey Hunter's last hurrah in Detroit. Hunter, one of the genuine good guys in the NBA if not all of sports, has an offer on the table to join the Pistons front office after the season and says he is likely to take it. Hunter has been a valuable role player throughout his 14-year career. He averaged 9.0 points and 2.8 assists while collecting championship rings with the Lakers and Pistons. The NBA needs more players like Hunter and if he does choose to retire, he will be missed.

I've always had a soft spot for Hunter, even if only because he's the only remaining link on the roster between today's squad and the Bad Boys era Pistons.

I know, I know, the Bad Boys era was already dead for at least two years before Hunter came into the league in 1993, but still, the guy shared a locker room with Joe Dumars, Isiah Thomas and Bill Laimbeer (that is, before Lambs abruptly retired 11 games into the season) as a rookie. So it counts for something in my book.

His rookie year also coincided with the first of two seasons that I had partial season tickets for the Pistons. I was a young autograph hound back then, and I would wait by the players' parking lot after games, so I have surprisingly fond memories for Hunter as well as Allan Houston, Sean Elliott (who always signed despite never being happy in his one year in Detroit), David Wood (who was so excited that someone actually wanted his signature that he'd also stop and chat for a few minutes, which was awkward when you wanted to break away to go grab someone else's autograph) and Mark Macon.

But I digress. I'll wait until there's official confirmation (or at least an actual quote from Hunter) before I continue to wax poetic, but the day he retires is the day I officially start to feel old.

(Link via DBB reader Matt G.)

Update : From the Freep:

Even though reported Monday that Pistons point guard Lindsey Hunter is expected to retire and move into the front office after this season, that might be premature. The Pistons' job offer is on the table for whenever Hunter hangs 'em up, and some get the feeling that he'll play one more season.