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Big-Ben-less Bulls are in Detroit

[Update: the recap is up at the FanHouse]

No Big Ben tonight -- from Chris McCosky's blog: ((And it's finally a real blog! With permalinks and everything!))

Ben Wallace was released from St. John's-Oakwood hospital at about 4:30 p.m. He was treated for sinusitis (don't hold me to the spelling on that -- it's basically a severe sinus infection). He will not be at the arena tonight, but is expected to fly back to Chicago with the team.

Wallace was admitted to the hospital early Wednesday morning, complaining of sinus pain, sore throat and high fever. A battery of tests were administered, including a spinal tap (checking for spinal meningitis). His condition improved throughout the day.

Wallace is obviously a huge part of what Chicago does on defense, and it doesn't help that the recently-resurged Tyrus Thomas is also battling the flu (though it looks like he'll play). Nevertheless, don't expect this to be easy -- if you remember, little-used P.J. Brown got hot for the Bulls the last time these teams played in Detroit.

Brown is actually starting at center tonight, with Luol Deng sliding from the three-spot to power forward and Thabo Sefolosha at the three. Deng doesn't have long-distance range, but he's still awfully athletic and will put a lot of pressure on Rasheed Wallace to keep up. Of course, by the same token, Rasheed will have the advantage on offense, as should Prince.

Ball just tipped on FSN and ESPN -- as usual, leave your thoughts in the comments.