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So, when does the next round start?

The Pistons still have no idea when they will be kicking off the second round. Chris McCosky explains in the Detroit News:

It cannot start before Saturday; that much is certain. Pistons executives think it will be a Saturday-Monday start for games 1 and 2, but that is up to the networks.

If they decide this series is the more attractive one for ABC, they will start it Sunday.

If the series does start Saturday, and I think it will, you can expect a four-day break between Game 2 and 3. It's a TV thing.

Even after the TV networks decide what they want to do, the Palace schedule needs to be considered. From James Jahnke of the Detroit Free Press:

The Palace is booked with a Billy Joel concert Friday night, but that doesn't necessarily rule out a game early Saturday afternoon. There also is a Shock exhibition game scheduled at 1:30 Sunday afternoon, but we're guessing that could be delayed a few hours if need be.

Expect an announcement soon, especially as more and more first-round series end and television entities survey the scene. A Saturday Game 1 probably would mean TNT for TV, while Sunday could be on ABC.

It's the price you pay for both teams sweeping in the first round, I suppose. Speaking of sweeping, did you see Cleveland dispatched the Wizards in four? The Central Division is 12-0 so far in the postseason. Represent!