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A Rivalry Remembered: Bulls fans

In honor of the renewed Detroit/Chicago rivalry, I asked several Detroit bloggers and DBB readers what their lasting memory was of the old school rivalry between these two storied franchises. Today, we look at the rivalry from the eyes of the enemy, as a couple of Chicago fans weigh in.

Warning: the following video of the final seconds of Game 4 of the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals in which the Pistons officially passed the torch (and Isiah Thomas and Bill Laimbeer snubbed the Bulls) will help provide context, but it may also put you in an extremely bad mood:

From Tom Fornelli, fellow FanHouse scribe and purveyor of Foul Balls:

You know, my memories of those games from the late 80's and early 90's are so hazy, it's hard for me to answer this question.

I hardly remember anything before the age of 13 but I do remember when the Bulls finally beat the Pistons to advance to the NBA Finals. I was with my family at a friends house for a BBQ, I think it was Memorial Day, and I remember how excited I was that the Bulls were going to the NBA Finals.

So excited in fact, I never even noticed the Pistons left the court early.

My other memories of the Pistons have everything to do with Isiah Thomas. I hate that guy. He actually went to high school 4 blocks from where I now sit typing this, and I still don't like him. In fact, I see his old high school coach all the time, and last June I made sure to ask him to tell Zeke I said thanks for the draft picks.

Coach said he'd relay the message.

That's the biggest difference for me in this rivalry between the two teams. Back then I hated anybody associated with the Piss Tins, but now I actually like their team. Obviously I'll be rooting for the Bulls, but I enjoy watching the Pistons play.

They remind me of my Bulls. You know, only older and slower and not as talented.

Go Bulls!!!!!

From Jack Cobra, formerly of 3ManLift, futurely of Cobra Brigade and Friday-ly of YAYsports!:

What’s My Lasting Bulls/Pistons Memory?

As a person who grew up during the Bulls/Pistons battles they had a lasting effect on me. Being a Bulls fan I first had to deal with the Bulls being thoroughly beaten by the Pistons because they were a better all-around team. Then, I had to deal with the Bulls being beaten by the Pistons because the Pistons knew how to win/they had championship experience.

Then…..the Bulls finally accrued enough talent, enough experience, and enough heart to beat the Pistons. First, the Bulls were able to beat the Pistons at Chicago Stadium and finally…they were able to beat the Pistons in Detroit. It began in the regular season and then happened in the playoffs. It was a process the Bulls had to go through in order to become the team that won 6 NBA Titles in 8 seasons. Without the Pistons, that would have never happened in my opinion.

My lasting memory, since I was growing up at that time, was that the Bulls were growing as a team; just as I was growing as a person. While there were times that were tough, and times that looked like I would never make it……I kept working and I went from being a kid to a young man; much in the same way the Bulls went from being contenders to champions. Obviously, I don’t give credit to the Bulls for me becoming the person I am, but the timing of it all allowed me to watch my favorite team mature just as I was at the same time.

It's worth pointing out that Tom and Jack sent these over before the start of the series -- I'm sure they were expecting (or at least hoping) for a different outcome in the first two games, but history does seem to be repeating itself. All teams, no matter how many $60 million free agents they poach from their rivals, have to work their way up the pecking order in the playoffs, but the lumps Chicago takes today will help make them better in the future.

I'd like to thank Tom and Jack for taking the time to share their stories, and invite those reading to share their own in the comments.