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The Ballad of Nocioni

Whether you love him or hate him, you always notice Andres Nocioni when he's on the court, whether he's throwing an elbow, flopping, getting dunked on, or (occasionally) hitting a jump shot. Apparently, he's also something of a folk hero:


I wish I could provide some context, but all I know about that song is what I gleamed from this Blog-a-Bull diary, which consisted of nothing but a link to the mp3 (right-click that link if for some strange reason you wanted to download it). The link makes me think it originated from ESPN or an ESPN radio affiliate -- I'll give a nice, shiny Gold Star to the first commenter who can tell us what the hell the story is behind this song.

Update: Paxson Jackson informs us it's from WMVP in Chicago. Good to know.

For other musical endeavors by and about the Bulls, don't miss out on Ben Gordon's rap video, also spotted first on Blog-a-Bull.