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Will the Bulls save face at home?

Jason Maxiell rebounds

First look: Jason Maxiell looks a lot like Larry Johnson grabbing that rebound.

Second look: When is Kirk Hinrich going to take his arm out of the air?

Third look: Is Maxiell's arm really bigger than Tyrus Thomas' head?

With the Bulls returning to their home floor, Game 3 will almost certainly be the most competitive of the series so far. Of course, I'm not going out on a limb by saying that, as the Bulls could lose by 15 and it'd still be true. Las Vegas doesn't think that will happen, though, as the Bulls are 2.5 point favorites. Give me Detroit straight-up, but it'll still be close.

Will it be a nail-biter? Another blow-out? Or (gasp!) a win for Chicago? The ball tips at 9pm on ESPN -- leave your pre-game predictions and in-game observations in the comments.