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Dre Bly can’t beat Dale Davis in a three-point contest

It's silly and certainly not news, but it made me chuckle -- Dre Bly was back in town visiting the Pistons practice Monday:

Bly, who brought his two sons, chummed with Billups and Rasheed Wallace for a while before he took the floor. He wanted to challenge someone — but not anyone — to a shooting contest.

"He don’t want me," Billups said. "He’s calling out Dale Davis."

Davis answered. After a tough three-on-three game with fellow reserve, Davis, not exactly known for his shooting, strolled to the other end of the floor and promptly beat Bly twice in a row, shooting NBA three-pointers while Bly fired from the college line.

Afterward, Davis informed everyone in the room, "This is what I do!"

Why can't we see this stuff on tape like they do in D.C.?