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Flip Murray can’t feel Kirk Hinrich’s love tap

A. Sherrod Blakely on Kirk Hinrich's apparent nut shot to Flip Murray:

I spoke with the league office earlier today regarding Kirk Hinrich's jab/punch toward Flip Murray's uh, family jewels. They reviewed the incident and decided to take no action. ...

Now normally I might have issue with the league taking such a soft stance on this, but after talking with the man whose jewels were involved - Murray - the league made the right call on this one.

Flip Murray said he didn't remember getting hit by Hinrich, and I think I can speak for Flip and all men when I say this: if he got hit down there, he would have definitely remembered.

So I guess we're left with two possibilities: the shot to the groin was incidental and indirect contact that didn't really hurt ... or Hinrich punches like a girl. (Zing! Countdown to angry Bulls fan response in 5, 4, 3, 2 ...) Watch the video again -- I still don't get how Hinrich's hands can go from being crossed over his chest to jabbing into Flip's man parts without at least some kind of intent.