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Pistons go for the knockout blow in Game 5

I'm already kind of bored with the Flip Murray dunk (not really, I could watch that thing for hours), but this was the first "view from the stands" video that I've seen. So enjoy. Hopefully Murray gets a chance to top it tonight (in garbage time with the Pistons up big, natch). In lieu of an actual preview, let me direct your attention to what I wrote on the FanHouse:

Ignore the scores of the first two games. They mean nothing. Instead, look at what happened the last two in Chicago: the Bulls essentially owned the Pistons for three of the last four halves of basketball, with the last 24 minutes of Game 3 being the only thing preventing this series from being tied up. That should be a surprising realization for casual observers who have bought into the description of this series being out and out dominated by Detroit.

I believe every word of it, too. Most of us were expecting a long series, and just because the Pistons won the first three games doesn't mean it can't still happen. Here's to hoping it doesn't, though. Game 5 tips off at 8pm on TNT -- leave your thoughts in the comments.