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Thursday Afternoon Layup Drill

For lack of my own original content, here's some highlights from around the web:

  • Blog-A-Bull asks, "Are the Pistons not a team of stars, but just one?" Considering I didn't even have to read the post to figure out who he was talking about, he might be on to something. If I was on the fence in the regular season about giving Chauncey Billups a max deal, I'm not anymore -- as he goes, the Pistons go.
  • Stephen A. Smith is saying something about Chris Webber. What, exactly, I'm not sure. Is he trashing him for leaving Philly? Trashing Philly for making him want to leave? Just talking for the sake of talking? (Thanks to Larry Brown for sending the link)
  • Chris McCosky doesn't think the Pistons have been playing very tough:

    Take a look at the other NBA semifinals. Players are getting bloodied, bashed, thrown to the floor.

    There have been hard fouls, flagrant fouls, technicals, ejections, suspensions. There is real honest-to-goodness scrapping going on with players willing to make heavy physical sacrifices to win games.

    Now look at the Pistons. You'd be hard-pressed to find a floor burn, gash or bad bruise. The only guys the Pistons have gotten mad at have been the officials. Kirk Hinrich took a jab at Flip Murray's private region in Game 4, and nobody noticed.

    Right on, brother. Can't Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn sit in on a few practices?

  • Speaking of Lambs, Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball is not a very good video game.
  • Antonio McDyess is superstitious.
  • Detroit isn't the only team who can't close the door -- the Cavs don't seem to care about ending their series with the Nets anytime soon.
  • True Hoop's Henry Abbott is interviewed by The Big Picture.

If you're like me, you're probably still down about Game 5, but let's lighten the mood -- make us laugh by coming up with your best caption in the comments:

Rasheed Wallace in the pool

(And no, I'm not collecting these pictures for a bootleg swim suit calendar.)