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Could Grant Hill return to Detroit?

It's a topic Ian and I have debated with each other as far back as last year: could Grant Hill finish his career in Detroit? He'll be an unrestricted free agent this summer, and after banking plenty of coin over his career it's possible that he'd accept less money to play for a contender. Michael Rosenberg suggests it'd be a win-win situation for both parties if Hill did return:

Hill provides everything Dumars would want: a backup small forward, another ballhandler, someone who can defend three positions and a guy who gives Flip Saunders offensive flexibility. Saunders would trust Hill immediately. Even at the peak of his career, Hill was an unselfish player. He would fit in perfectly here.

Plus, it's always been obvious that Hill is concerned with getting as many people to like him as possible, so returning to the team he once abandoned would help win back an entire city. (OK, I'm reaching, that's probably not too important to him).

But here's the thing: the last thing this current group of Pistons needs is to get older, especially at the expense of developing young players. Carlos Delfino will be entering the final year of his contract next season, and bringing Hill into the picture would reduce his playing time tremendously, giving him absolutely no incentive to want to re-sign with the Pistons. The same goes for Alex Acker, whom many expect to return from Europe to sign with the Pistons this summer, as well as any other draft pick this June.

It's what happened with Darko Milicic and Antonio McDyess: yes, McDyess worked out well for the Pistons, but the "win now" approach didn't end up winning anything, and McDyess' arrival stunted Darko's development to the point that he's just now starting to break out.

Hill has obvious skills, but he'll also be 35 at the start of the 2007-08 season and the Magic had a difficult time relying on his availability this year, especially in back-to-back situations. Coming off the bench would reduce some of the wear and tear, but his health will always be a concern. It's nice for nostalgia's sake, but Dumars should take a pass.

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