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Tuesday Afternoon Layup Drill

A few links for you to digest:

  • Everyone is talking Pistons these days, including our favorite Michigan blogs: Benny from The M Zone is always happy for any chance to hate Ohio ...
  • ... while Brian from MGoBlog breaks down last night's game. I love it when he talks Pistons, and I love it that he does it so rarely (because, honestly, all of you guys would be reading him instead of me).
  • Speaking of people long overdue to start a Pistons blog, DBB reader Boney has launched Mind of Boney. Technically speaking, the blog will focus on all Detroit sports, but it's obviously Pistons centric at the moment with a live blog of last night's game (1st half, 2nd half) plus some post-game analysis:

    LeBron is not ready for "it" (Question: Do you think any of the Pistons would have gotten that clear of a lane to the basket, and NOT tried to shoot it? It’s the playoffs baby, shoot it!). You have to take "it" from those that have "it" in order to get "it". We gave you a pretty clear path to the rim, for the tie, and you blew it. In an 82 game season, you play for the win on the road, in a "first to 4 wins" situation, you go for the smart play and that’s overtime.

    Good stuff, Boney, though I'd expect those Chicago fans you antagonized on Blog-a-Bull will be flooding your comments any moment now.

  • Podcasts are so last week ... The Low from previewed this series with a video-cast (vlog? v-cast? I have no idea...).
  • The Ghost of Wayne Fontes thinks this series means everything for Detroit.
  • Have you seen the Michigan Sports Report? It's like my humble little Motor City Blogs on steroids.
  • Is Bill Laimbeer a candidate for the vacant Sacramento Kings coaching job?
  • It's always entertaining when Charles Barkley speaks, so I was happy to see that Joanne Gerstner caught up with him for an interview in today's Detroit News. There were several exchanges I thought about posting here, so go read the whole thing, but this was cool to see:

    Q . So, who is the Pistons' playoff MVP so far: Chauncey Billups, Rasheed Wallace when he's playing well or Tayshaun Prince?

    A . I was really impressed by Tayshaun for the fact he surprised me how well he locked up Luol Deng during the Chicago series. I said on TV I didn't think he would be able to shut down Luol Deng the way he did. Deng was unstoppable in Miami. And Tayshaun really limited him in that series.

Last but not least, these David Blaine commercials both amuse and creep me out at the same time: