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Last thoughts on the last pass

This will be the last we speak of LeBron's pass, I promise, but Brian Windhorst of the Akron Beacon-Journal makes an interesting observation on his blog:

LeBron was not double-teamed when he made the pass, Rasheed Wallace and Tayshaun Prince were caught by surprise when James attacked so quick and both were out of position. But that's not the point. Yes, Marshall was open, but that's not it either. Looking at it live and then at the replays, it seems pretty certain to me that when LeBron started going down the lane he had no intention of shooting the ball. Based on the angles I saw, I'm not sure he even looked at the rim even though he had good position to finish the play. Marshall said after the game the play was not drawn up for him. Mike Brown said it was James' decision. His decision, not his read, was to pass. And that is the difference between this play and all the others when he passed instead of taking the last shot. It certainly looked like he didn't take the last shot because he didn't want it and I've never before held that stance.

Combine that with his thoughts after the game which included this: "We always want to win the ball game, but we always say if we play as hard as we did tonight for 48 minutes, we're not satisfied, but we can look back and say we're OK with this loss."

LeBron isn't looking to shoot and is OK with the loss? Yeah, I'm fine with that, too. Here's to hoping he keeps it up for three more games -- because that's all this series will last barring a change of heart and more productive (read: selfish) play on his part.