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Thursday Afternoon Layup Drill

It's short but sweet today:

  • After watching LeBron James not get a single free throw attempt in Game 1, Mike Brown wants his team to be more aggressive:

    Coach Mike Brown fully expects to make officials do their jobs by being more aggressive when it comes to Game 2 tonight at the Palace in Auburn Hills, Mich., and that's what he told his players after they studied film of the first game.

    ``We've got to drive the basketball and we have to attack bodies when we drive the ball,'' he said ``and if we all foul out because everybody has six charges, then so be it.''

    Considering James has spent the past few days listening to everyone dissect his passive performance on Monday, I think it's safe to say he'll be attacking the rim with reckless abandon tonight. (link via YAY)

  • Terry Porter may be the leading contender for the Kings job, but that doesn't mean he's actually spoken with them:

    Pistons assistant coach Terry Porter is being mentioned as a candidate for the Sacramento Kings' coaching vacancy. He said Wednesday he has not talked to the Kings, and wouldn't do so formally until after the playoffs. "I still have some work to do here," he said. "We're trying to get a ring."

  • Rasheed Wallace wants you to quit asking about his famous guarantees:

    "You only can do the guarantee once a year, so don't y'all look for it," Wallace said after Wednesday's practice. "If I say it, I'm going to say it. If not, don't even ask."

  • Rasheed is not amused that the NBA schedules games around the American Idol and Lost season finales:

    Wallace was asked what he thought of the league moving Game 2 to Thursday to avoid a television conflict with "American Idol."

    "It's all about money," he said. "You all know what it is -- this is the WWF out here. I ain't got to say any more about it."

  • Scott Skiles wants you crazy kids to quit asking for pictures!

    "What part of no don’t you understand? I said no. People lie. They say they partied with me and shit."

  • I talked some baseball with Kurt over at Mack Avenue Tigers.

Update: Revel in the unintentional humor of Cavs scrub Damon Jones getting his own NBA commercial (courtesy of MJD's awesome Debriefing column):

In my opinion, that vid pales in comparison to my favorite Damon Jones video.