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Cleveland, your insecurity is showing

Beat Detroit

What do the Cavs plaster on the outside of their arena? Not "Go Cavs" or "Let's Go Cleveland" or even "OMG, LeBron! We luv you!!!" Nope. Just "Beat Detroit." Yeah, I think the Pistons were in their head before this series even began.

With Larry Hughes out, rookie Daniel Gibson should be Cleveland's starting point guard tonight. "Bold" prediction of the night: forget what you've seen from Gibson in spot duty so far this series, Chauncey Billups can and will exploit the rookie to make everyone forget about his first three games.

If Detroit wins, they're up 3-1 on the verge of the NBA Finals. If the Cavs win, they even the series and keep the media talking about King James' destiny. Like you needed me to tell you that. Here's to hoping the Boys in Blue take care of business. Leave your thoughts in the comments.