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A tale of two takes

Something happened between Ben Wallace and a few heckling Piston fans late in Game 2; that much is known. Whether it was an innocuous back-and-forth with fans or a manifestation of Ben's frustration with this series is up to interpretation.

The Detroit News' rather dismissing take:

Wallace was in the crosshairs of hecklers behind the Bulls bench, as they chanted "$60 million" in the final minutes of the game. Wallace signed a $60 million contract with the Bulls last off-season.

Wallace subtly acknowledged the hecklers twice by holding a hand up and rubbing his thumb, index and middle fingers together -- signifying he has some bucks. He also egged on the crowd by waving at them from the bench, inviting more abuse.

And now, from the Chicago Sun Times:

With the outcome long decided and Ben Wallace anchored to the bench, a few fans sitting near the Bulls' bench in the Palace of Auburn Hills couldn't resist the temptation to pour salt in the wounds of the former face of the Detroit Pistons.

''Sixty mill-ion! ... 60 mill-ion! ... 60 mill-ion! ...,'' they chanted at Wallace with malicious delight.

He ignored the hecklers for a while, but then held up his left hand and rubbed his fingers together, a move that only could be interpreted as a show-me-the-money gesture. Then during a timeout a short while later, Wallace had a mild exchange with the hecklers before a Palace security guard came over in an attempt to defuse the situation by quieting down the loudmouths a little.

And then there's the Sun Times' Rick Telander (one of my favorite people):

Wallace was rooted on the pine while drunk fans behind the bench chanted, ''Sixty Million!''

Wallace stood and faced the screamers and angrily waved his hand at them in disgust, prompting security to go into the stands and caution the fans.

His look said he might have strangled somebody if he could have.

As a Pistons fan? Whatever.

But as a Bulls fan, either way the situation has to eat at you. Either Ben Wallace (as a Bull) is devoid of passion and in the waning moments of another blowout loss is playing coy with the Palace faithful... Or his most violent exertion of energy during Game 2 came from the bench rather than the paint.

If anyone had a better view of the action than TNT or Matt's seats provided, give us your take in the comments.

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