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SBNation NBA Mock Draft

There's really nothing cooking these days in terms of actual Pistons news, but I can point you in the direction of a pretty interesting (and on-going) mock draft. The guys at SB Nation have organized a draft with bloggers representing each team, and Indy Cornrows (whose Pacers don't actually have a first-round pick) is posting the results.

So far there have only been six picks, and at this rate it'll probably be at least Friday until I get a chance to throw out a name for the Pistons. The picks made thus far are below (with the representing blog in parenthesis):

  1. Greg Oden, Blazers (Blazers Edge)
  2. Kevin Durant, Sonics (SonicsCentral)
  3. Al Horford, Hawks (Impending Firestorm)
  4. Mike Conley, Jr, Grizzlies
  5. Yi Jianlian, Celtics (Green Bandwagon)
  6. Brandon Wright, Bucks (With Malice)

The way they're doing this draft allows teams to make realistic trades and whatnot if we so choose, but I like Detroit's chances to grab decent player (and most likely a point guard) at No. 15. I'll probably mention the mock draft again to solicit input once it comes closer to being my pick, and I'll try to update this list as time permits. We've already been talking about the draft for the last couple of weeks, but feel free to campaign for your favorite player in the comments if you want to influence who I announce as Detroit's choice.

Update: OK, here's the update:

  1. Corey Brewer, T'Wolves (I heart KG)
  2. Al Thornton, Bobcats (Blogcats / Bobcats Planet)
  3. Spencer Hawes, Bulls (Blog-A-Bull)
  4. Acie Law, Spurs (Kings traded down ... ) (Pounding the Rock)
  5. Javaris Crittenton, Hawks (Impending Firestorm)

Both Law and Crittenton are off the board -- damn it!

  1. Jeff Green, Sixers (Passion and Pride)
  2. Julian Wright, Hornets

The Clippers are due up, and then me picking for the Pistons. I hate the fact Joakim Noah is still available -- he wouldn't exactly fit on the Pistons, but he has to go sooner or later, right? Is he a better pick than Rodney Stuckey or Nick Young, who'd actually fill a need for the Pistons?

Update: The blogger representing the Clippers ended up trading the 14th pick to the Suns (in exchange for the 24th and 29th). That guy took Noah, I took Nick Young from USC -- here's the write-up I included:

After trading Carlos Delfino to the Raptors, we were in need of a perimeter player who could back up both Tayshaun Prince and Rip Hamilton. Young fits the mold. He should provide instant offense off the bench, hopefully helping prevent quite as many long stretches where the team struggles to find the bottom of the basket. The moment he signs a contract he'll be one of the few players on the team who can create his own shot. Plus, his midrange game is strong, so he should also be able to contribute within the flow of the game.

I got all of that from piecing together various scouting reports (as well as this interview with Young by my FanHouse colleague Nate Jones). Who knows if it's true -- I don't watch college ball, so I haven't seen him play.