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Don’t believe everything you read: ‘Billups to Bucks’ Edition

I feel like this should be mentioned, but I don't actually want to talk about it:

But now, only two weeks before the commencement of free agency, the Billups-to-Milwaukee rumor has resurfaced yet again. The scuttlebutt is the Bucks, who are one of the few teams that could have the money to sign a high-profile free agent, want an established veteran to orchestrate their offense and alleviate the pressure on star shooting guard Michael Redd.

Thus, there have been whispers the Bucks are working on a lucrative offer for Billups and will try to lure him away from the Pistons.

Stay tuned.

No, I won't stay tuned, because it's effin' ridiculous. Just because some columnist in Cheeseland (err, The Journal Times, "Racine County's Daily Newspaper") wants to pretend Billups might sign with the Bucks does not make it so.

The Bucks have an up-and-coming free agent point guard of their own named Mo Williams, a 24-year-old kid who is coming off a breakout season (17 ppg, 4.8 rpg, 6.1 apg) who can be had for at minimum $4-5 million less per season than Billups. Unless they're confident Williams is going to bolt Wisconsin, there's no use throwing dollars at Billups, who will likely be near the end of his contract and past his prime by the time the Bucks are ready for a serious playoff push.

I know this, Bucks GM Lenny Larry Harris knows this and Billups knows this. If the Bucks are feigning interest, it's to drive up the final price tag on a division rival. But I'd be surprised if even that is going on. This is a recycled rumor filling space in an otherwise slow period -- nothing more, nothing less. Anyone want to re-hash 'Billups to the Grizzlies?'

That is all. Let's not bother with this anymore.

(Hat-tips all around: Full-Court Press, Need4Sheed, FanHouse)