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Chris McCosky does not love Amir Johnson like we do

Amir JohnsonWhen I first heard the news about Carlos Delfino, I was pissed. (Like, for real -- I dropped 30 F-bombs in a row before stopping to explain to my wife, and then resumed with another 15 before being told I should calm down. I didn't, though, I just dropped them in my head.) I still haven't "come around" on the trade, so to speak, but I've at least opened myself to several silver-lining scenarios, namely, the entrance of Amir Johnson into the rotation.

But Chris McCosky wants to hear none of that (emphasis mine):

On another matter, I have also heard people say that this trade makes room for Amir Johnson. Not really. Though the Pistons tried to turn Johnson into a small forward, it didn't work. The consensus in the organization now is that Johnson has to be a power forward. He's just not comfortable out on the perimeter. Whatever role Johnson earns next season will be in the front court. And I am telling you, there is a major division within the organization about Johnson's future. Joe Dumars and John Hammond believe the kid could be something very special. Some on the coaching staff believe he will never be more than an end of the bench reserve. Coach Flip Saunders has steadfastly refused to make any final determination, giving the 20-year-old ample time to mature. But Johnson has to get stronger. He has to get tougher and he has to start showing some court judgment. He still relies on his inate athleticism to get him through. He forgets plays and assignments. He has enough physical tools to make an impact. But he has to learn how to play the game -- otherwise, he could end up like Rodney White.

If Dumars and Hammond like him and Saunders is on the fence, where's the major division? Is Terry Porter not sold? Has Dave Cowens soured on him? (And has anyone even heard Igor Kokoskov speak?) Aside from when I idly sit through their small talk with Eli Zaret coming out of halftime, I don't think I've ever wondered what one of those guys have to say.

And for that matter, if there are guys on the coaching staff willing to secretly trash The Future by undermining his ability to the press, can 'em. Assistant coaches, even those with head coaching experience, are a dime a dozen, and not undermining the front office should be a prerequisite for the job.

(Hat-tip: Full-Court Press)