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Blakely: Carlos Delfino asked to be traded

A. Sherrod Blakely spoke with Carlos Delfino's agent, who confirmed that Delfino had asked to be traded:

have no doubts about whether Delfino can be a good NBA player. But talent alone won't get you playing time in Detroit.

And I will say this much for Carlos. He realized this as well, which is why he asked the Pistons to trade him.

That's why his agent, Andy Miller, wasn't the least bit bothered by the deal going down.

When I spoke with Miller recently, he talked about how thankful he was to President of basketball operations Joe Dumars and V-P of basketball operations John Hammond for making this particular deal happen.

"This was our first choice," Miller said of Delfino being traded to Toronto. [...]

"In Toronto, we know he would have a good role, regardless of whether he starts or not," Miller said. "That's what we were looking for."

There's really not too much more to say about this, but I will point out that it's beneficial for Dumars in the long run to treat his players fairly, even if they're looking for a way out. Players respect that, and it's reassuring to free agents knowing the front office will be accommodating if things ultimately don't work out. I know I probably sound like a shill pointing that out, but it's true.

Update: The Dolphin speaks about his new team/situation.