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On pre-draft workouts

The Pistons have released 15 names of prospects who have participated in pre-draft workouts with the team. The names have been reported by all the newspapers, but I'm crediting the Detroit News for doing the legwork by providing height and college info:

Mohammed Abukar, 6-10, 229 pounds, power forward, San Diego State
Morris Almond, 6-6, 215, shooting guard, Rice
Stanko Barac, 7-1, 240, center, Bosnia
Marco Belinelli, 6-5, 192, shooting guard, Italy
Bobby Brown, 6-1, 170, point guard, Cal State Fullerton
Derrick Byars, 6-7, 220, forward, Vanderbilt
Javaris Crittenton, 6-5, 198, point guard, Georgia Tech
Zabian Dowdell, 6-3, 200, point guard, Virginia Tech
Brandon Heath, 6-4, 198, guard, San Diego State
Quinton Hosley, 6-6, 210, forward, Fresno State
Trey Johnson, 6-5, 218, shooting guard, Jackson State
Jared Jordan, 6-2, 187, point guard, Marist:
Sammy Mejia, 6-6, 195, shooting guard, DePaul
Gabe Pruitt, 6-4, 170, guard, Southern Cal
Ramon Sessions, 6-3, 190, point guard, Nevada
Rodney Stuckey, 6-5, 205, guard, Eastern Washington
Ali Traore, 6-9, 240, forward, Ivory Coast (France)
Darryl Watkins, 6-11, 258, center, Syracuse
Marcus Williams, 6-7, 205, forward, Arizona
Dashawn Wood, 5-11, 180, guard, Detroit and Wright State
Nick Young, 6-6, 200, swing player, Southern Cal
Thaddeus Young, 6-8, 220, forward, Georgia Tech
Artem Zabelin, 7-0, 215, center, Russia

What, no Acie Law? Apparently, it seems the Clippers have their eyes on him if he's there at No. 14 -- Chad Ford goes so far as to suggest (Insider link, sorry) the Clippers have promised Law as much.

Update: I'm also intrigued by Jared Jordan, and not just because of this Sports Illustrated article. The kid led the NCAA in assists the last two years -- that's damn impressive, even if he did play for Marist. But hey, do you really think Joe Dumars (McNeese State) holds it against someone for going to a small school? Many mock drafts don't include him, but if he's still there when the Pistons draft in the second round (57th overall), I wouldn't mind giving him a shot.