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Do the Pistons have a shot at Acie Law?

Acie Law IVOf all the guys the Pistons might have a chance to draft, two guys have become personal favorites of mine: Nick Young and Acie Law. Depending on what mock draft you're looking at, one or both might be available at No. 15, though it's just as likely they'll each be off the board.

When looking at the list of players the Pistons had recently worked out (a list which has since expanded to 32 players in all), I noticed that Law was conspicuously missing. What gives? Chris McCosky explains in his blog:

Why didn't the Pistons work out Acie Law. Two reasons: They know him extremely well. George David has seen him play countless times and Law works out in the summer with Chauncey Billups. Secondly, it would be a minor miracle if he's still around at 15. Most have him going to the Hawks at 11. But if he falls, the Pistons would probably snap him up in a heartbeat.

Well, that's nice to hear -- excepting, of course, the whole "minor miracle" part.

Update: Seems there may have been a third reason: Law canceled his workout with the Pistons. DBB reader Jeff points us to this article from ESPN Insider's Andy Katz on June 11:

"Meanwhile, it looks like you can lock in Texas A&M senior guard Acie Law no lower than No. 14 to the L.A. Clippers. Law told as much in Orlando, and then he canceled his workout with the Pistons at No. 15."

In other Law news, I spotted this tidbit on TrueHoop from Penn's Steven Danley, writing for the NY Times:

When we were preparing to play Texas A. & M. in the tournament, the scouting report pointed out an amazing stat. In the last two minutes of close basketball games, Law outscored the entire opposing team. It wasn't until we actually played him that I understood what that stat meant. For most of the game Law was content to set up his teammates, trying to involve everyone in the game. Coming down the stretch in the second half he went for the jugular and ran off a couple of quick buckets to put us away. Say what you want about his skills or his quickness, but if you have to win a game, you want this kid on the court.

If the Hawks go big with the No. 3 spot, I can't see them passing up on a point guard at No. 11 -- and Law is definitely more a sure thing at a leadership position than Georgia Tech freshman Javaris Crittenton, who has potential but is still raw. Although, for what's it's worth, there's no guarantee the Hawks will even be using their No. 11 pick -- if you believe the rumors coming out of SLAM-ville. So you never know.