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Rasheed Wallace to the Knicks?

The offseason has barely started and there's already been a ton of trade rumors, most of which I haven't really addressed here. In addition to the Zach Randolph stuff (which I don't put much weight in), there's now this: the New York Daily News reports that Isiah Thomas might be targeting Rasheed Wallace. I discussed the rumor over at the FanHouse. An excerpt of my own thoughts:

Just what is Thomas thinking about giving up? If it's dead weight (albeit of the expiring contract variety) like Steve Francis, there's no chance Joe Dumars would pull the trigger. If it's Jamal Crawford and Channing Frye ... hmm, that could be interesting. And if Dumars can convince Thomas to put together any type of package involving rebounding machine David Lee, I probably wouldn't even care if Detroit got stuck with a couple of bad contracts like Quentin Richardson and/or Jerome James.

Yes, it still feels weird excerpting my own words -- sorry for the tease, hope you made it over to read the whole thing. For what it's worth, Natalie from Need4Sheed (who first pointed me in the direction of the Daily News article) thinks either Flip Saunders or Rasheed Wallace will return next season, but not both. And since Saunders is reportedly safe, well, she thinks Rasheed might need a real estate agent.

What do you guys think? Rasheed is due $26.2 million over the next two years so he wouldn't be easy to move, but I could see a handful of franchises looking to add "the missing piece" willing to roll the dice if the Pistons are game. I'm not in a rush to move the guy, but he will be 33 years old by next season, making him the oldest of Detroit's core four.