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C-Webb isn’t happy with Flip’s speech-making abilities

Should the Pistons re-sign Chris Webber this summer? Hell, would Chris Webber even want to return? The guy was on the bench during most of the clutch moments of the playoffs and didn't always look the part of a happy camper. To his credit, though, he never said one word about it to the media, explaining that he was happy to tag along as long as the team had a shot at the title.

Well, that "shot" obviously fell short, and it seems he wasn't too happy about holding his disappointment in following Game 6. The PistonsForum guys have been talking about this entry from Matt Dery's blog on 1130 AM's website ((a blog that sadly lacks permalinks ...)):

It was not pretty in the Pistons locker room following game 6 in Cleveland saturday night. I have heard from a few good sources that following his postgame and now post-season speech, Flip Saunders got an earful from a very angry and verbose Chris Webber. Apparently C-Webb did not take too well to what Saunders had to say to his team and basically shouted at him "that's it" and "that is the best you got"? There were other obscenities mixed in there as well.

I tackled this on the FanHouse, but I'm interested in hearing what you have to say -- specifically, if Webber leaves, who starts at center next year? Nazr Mohammed? I'm guessing it's a guy not currently on the roster. Or ...

What about starting Antonio McDyess at the four, Rasheed Wallace at the five and using Jason Maxiell and Amir Johnson off the bench? At the very least, that'd kick-start the development of the young guys. Maybe they pan out, maybe they don't, but at least we'll know for sure. I know Rasheed doesn't like playing center, but McDyess could handle most of the rebounding duties. I know people are still worried about McDyess' injury history, but does anyone really think he couldn't handle 30 minutes a night?