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Did Chris Webber tip his hand about returning to the Pistons?

Kelly Dwyer, who's filling in at TrueHoop for a vacationing Henry Abbott, spotted this Chris Webber quote buried at the very bottom of a Boston Globe article:

When asked if Detroit had a shot at a title next season, Webber added: "Definitely. We have the talent and experience, and leadership in Joe Dumars. We'll definitely be contenders. It's going to be interesting to see [how the East shapes up]. We're going to have to wait and see what happens with [Kevin Garnett] or Shawn [ Marion] or whoever comes over. I know it's going to be better basketball if the talent is dispersed evenly in both conferences."

Okay, if C-Webb was seriously thinking about either retiring or joining another team (the Mavericks?), then why is he so generous with the first-person plural (that's "we," for the non-English majors in the house) when talking about the Pistons' chances next year? At the risk of reading too much into this, I'm starting to think the odds of his re-signing with the Pistons this summer are far greater than I previously thought.

After watching him lumber through the playoffs, I can't say I'm terribly excited about him returning next year ... but by the same token, I don't think anyone is terribly excited about re-launching the Nazr Mohammed Era, either. And considering the team apparently won't be spending any free agent money on a backup for Tayshaun Prince, there's probably room in the budget and on the roster for Webber to come back.

What say you? Is bringing him back a) a good move, b) the better of two evils, or c) none of the above?