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Antonio McDyess locked up through 2010

Chris McCosky reports for the Detroit News that the Pistons have inked Antonio McDyess to a two-year extension:

Antonio McDyess will be a Piston through 2010 at least.

McDyess, 32, signed a two-year extension with the Pistons on Monday that will pay him roughly $14.46 million from 2008-09 though 2009-10.

He will make $6.3 million next season, the last year of his initial deal with the Pistons, $6.9 million in 2008-09 and $7.5 million in 2009-10.

"I am excited," McDyess said in a prepared statement. "We have enjoyed a lot of success as a team since I came to Detroit three years ago and I look forward to the upcoming season and making another run at a title."

Sammy Mejia was also signed, which means there are now 15 players under contract. Barring a trade, that's the team we'll see go into camp.

Update: An excerpt of some thoughts about the deal I put up on FanHouse:

... Retaining him does nothing to change the public perception that the Pistons are an aging team. But even though McDyess will be 35 years old by the time the deal expires, is that perception really accurate? Maybe not.

Considering the Pistons also announced the signing of second-round pick Sammy Mejia today, this year's roster will feature four rookies: first-round picks Rodney Stuckey and Aaron Afflalo, Mejia and last year's second-round pick Cheikh Samb. Plus, 20-year-old Amir Johnson, who recently signed a three-year deal to stay in Detroit, and Jason Maxiell, 24, are also expected to factor into Detroit's rotation this year. That's six players who are all under the age of 25, including four expected to see a lot of playing time this year.