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Chauncey Billups may or may not have just re-signed

There's some conflicting news out there regarding Chauncey Billups right now. From Chris McCosky in the Detroit News:

Free-agent guard Chauncey Billups agreed Tuesday in principle to a five-year, $60-million deal to remain with the Pistons.

Billups, who will be 31 next season, became a free agent Sunday. He will be the highest-paid Piston next season. There apparently were no other serious bidders for Billups.

But Justin Rogers from MLive's Full-Court Press reports that A. Sherrod Blakely was not able to confirm the news:

Chauncey Billups has agreed to a 5-year, $60-million contract according to Chris McCosky, reporting on WDFN-AM, but's A. Sherrod Blakely just got off the phone with Billups' agent, Andy Miller, and Miller says the deal is still far from done.

Interesting. Stay tuned.

Update: OK, McCosky is now backtracking a little -- this update now appears on the Detroit News site:

The Pistons and Chauncey Billups have agreed in principal to a five-year contract.

The deal, though, which is believed to be worth $60 million, still has some wrinkles to be ironed out.

"I would not characterize it as being wrapped up," said Andy Miller, Billups' agent. "The discussions are ongoing. I wouldn't say they were positive or negative. There are still a lot of hurdles that haven't been addressed to our satisfaction or theirs."

Update: Sigh. Andy Miller has strong words in the Detroit Free Press:

"This is a vicious rumor," said Andy Miller, Billups’ agent. "It’s entirely untrue. We have not reached an agreement. I don’t know what stage we’re at. We’re having ongoing discussions, and I don’t believe that we’re on the verge of signing an agreement anytime today by any stretch of the imagination."

Miller also said he wasn’t expecting the deal to be finalized Wednesday.

"I don’t know how long it’s going to take," he said.