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Report: Celtics just landed Kevin Garnett

Since Kevin Garnett has been an object of desire among both Pistons fans and the Detroit media (perhaps to the point of distraction) the past couple of seasons, I figured more than a few readers here would be interested in this. From the Boston Herald:

Sources this morning are confirming that the Celtics’ deal for Kevin Garnett is essentially completed.

One involved source said the final package will have the Celts sending Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfair, Theo Ratliff and a No. 1 pick to Minnesota to acquire Garnett.

Further word is that the Celts and Garnett have reached an agreement in principle on a contract extension. You may recall a report here that Danny Ainge would not do the deal without such a guarantee of Garnett’s presence, and it appears now that the perennial All-Star is willing to forego the opt-out in his current deal for next summer and cast his lot with Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and the Celtics.

My FanHouse colleagues have been all over this, but CelticsBlog was the first outlet (including blogs and mainstream media) to report anything on this, including that talks between the two clubs had revived in the first place -- major props to the community over there for scooping the world.

So, does anyone really think the Celtics can't make the playoffs with a starting trio of Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and KG? I'm guessing the rest of the starting lineup would be Rajon Rondo at point and Kendrick Perkins at the five. I think they could do it. They don't really have the depth to go far or secure home court advantage, but that's certainly better than last year's seven (an injury-riddled Washington) and eight seeds (the four and out Magic).

Update: There's still confusion over who Boston is giving up -- the Boston Globe is reporting that Jefferson is staying put and Boston is trading two first-round picks. For the sake of fans in Boston, I hope this doesn't fall apart at the last second (again).