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On pots, kettles and Mark Cuban’s thoughts on blogs

Mark Cuban was among the thousands of sports fans across the country who were confused by the "Chauncey Billups is re-signing!" / "Oh wait, not yet .." debacle from earlier this week. So who does he blame? Why, the bloggers, of course:

Today in the Transactions section of the sports page of the Dallas Morning News, I read that Chauncey Billups agreed to sign a deal with the Detroit Pistons. This is the simplest of questions. Its completely binary. Either he did or he didn't, Its in the most throwaway of all sections of the sports pages and the newspaper itself. There is no incremental value to readers or the paper to have this tidbit in the paper. Its not a scoop. Its not going to sell papers. Yet the Morning News proved it didnt care enough to get the answer to a Yes or No question correct.

Wanna bet they just pulled this as fact from a sports blog ?

To his credit, after spotting Justin Rogers' rebuttal on Full-Court Press, Cuban updated his post to report the actual course of events. But wow, in a hurry to make a point about how lazy the mainstream media can be, he certainly jumped the gun in assigning blame.

In any case, I hope this brings all of this "blogger/MSM navel gazing" to conclusion for a while -- here's to hoping we'll have actual news to talk about sometime soon. Like this: Grant Hill may be soon off the market, and the Suns are looking like the favorites. Meanwhile, Morris Peterson is reportedly favoring the Jazz, although the Cavs are still in contention. What's Plan C when it comes to signing a backup small forward?

Update: It's official: Hill will sign a two-year deal with the Suns.