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Orlando’s writers have a short memory

Fans in Orlando are having a tough time watching Grant Hill leave for Phoenix. From Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi:

Forget about loyalty.

Forget about commitment.

Go to the best team.

Go to a place where you have the best chance to get a ring.

Yep, this is what you'd expect from most any NBA player.

Just not Grant Hill.

That's why my first reaction Thursday when I heard Hill would be leaving the Magic to go to the title-contending Phoenix Suns was not anger or animosity or even annoyance. It was just disappointment.

And sadness.

I thought Grant Hill was different. I thought he would do the classy thing. The noble thing. The right thing. Silly me. Somehow, I thought Grant was above being a mercenary. I thought he would make the difficult and decent choice, not the easy selfish one.

Umm, WTF? Does Bianchi not rememeber how the Magic got Hill in the first place? Apparently not -- not once in his sad/bitter column does he mention how Hill ditched Detroit to chase Orlando's money. The guy has been a mercenary since the day he (and his crutches) first set foot in Florida. Back when it looked like the Pistons might have had a shot to re-sign him, I never thought he'd do it for nostalgic reasons. No, the guy got paid, and now he wants a ring, it's as simple as that.