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Andy Miller: Chauncey Billups will re-sign

OK, it can't be official until June 11 when Billups is officially allowed to put pen to paper, but it appears that a deal is in place. It's been reported by several outlets, including A. Sherrod Blakely's blog on

Billups and the Detroit Pistons have come to terms on a contract. "Re-signing with Detroit was what Chauncey has said he wanted to do all along," his agent, Andy Miller, told me a few minutes ago."We're happy that we were able to reach an agreement today." Chauncey can't sign a binding contract until July 11.

I've yet to see anyone report a dollar figure or number of years, but you have to figure it's for at least $60 million over five years, which was the original deal reported earlier this week. Considering confirmation is coming directly from the agent this time, I think it's safe for fans to finally believe it, even if they're still working to dot the i's and cross the t's.